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Services: Shamanic

Shamans, as the original doctors and psychologists, had to come up with methods and remedies to heal. Returning an injured body to physical health was, and is, always the first order of intervention; bringing back the possibly lost soul parts, the second. Only then can a person continue to live the life of a fully restored being. The shamans understood that.

My work focuses on:

  • Health Concerns
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Grief
  • Relationship issues
  • Unresolved Anger

I am available for appointments by telephone or at my office for the following:

  • Illumination and working with light in the luminous body is generally done through the chakras. It is always an aspect of healing.

  • Baby Blessings, Weddings, House Blessings and Death Rites are traditionally the domain of the Shaman who assists coming and going between the worlds of physicality and spirit. The transition in and out of physical life are supported, prepared for and assisted during difficulty to bring harmony to those being born and giving birth, to the living, dying and the dead

  • Psychic Readings/Tarot I work with the Thoth Tarot deck of cards

  • Psychic Development Everyone has psychic abilities, and we can all learn how to use them ethically for ourselves and others. We can also learn how to turn them on and off, and expand them into mediumship and healing abilities.
  • Soul Retrieval brings back essential life force to individuals who may have lost it. Trauma is a primary cause of soul loss. Part of a person’s consciousness separates from their body in order to survive trauma while it is occurring. When that aspect of the person’s consciousness naturally returns and reintegrates with their body, greater functioning is possible, freeing their miraculous internal healing processes. When this return is incomplete or absent, pain, suffering, illness, disability, obsession, reoccurring traumas, addictions and other symptoms of loss can occur. Over years of time adaptations to loss can effect a whole lifetime and even generations to come. Soul Retrieval can restore the original life force and reconnect a person with their life path and purpose. The healing effect ripples out to those connected and back again, creating a circle of well-being. It is an extremely efficient process that some have claimed saved them years of therapy. Change is accelerated when spiritual wholeness is returned. An individual has a greater ability to move towards a higher destiny when they feel whole.

About Remote Healings

The work of the shamanic practitioner takes place outside of linear time and space, making it possible for the healing to occur even though we are not together physically.

In person readings

Available for clients local to the Des Moines & Vashon Island & Mukilteo, WA areas.