Amber Goodman’s Experience and Credentials


I have over 16 years of Core Shamanic experience and have studied with two master shamanic practitioners.  Core Shamanism is based upon the universal elements of indigenous shamanic practice throughout the world.  Shamanism is embraced by many cultures and can be found in countries around the globe. The way that I practice Shamanism does not include the use of hallucinogenic materials, it is not a religion, and it is not related to one tribe or culture.

I hold deeply the understanding that true health can only be achieved if the soul is tended to. Often times the bodily pain or mental anguish we suffer from is an indication that one's soul is in despair, be it due to trauma that has happened many years ago or that is currently happening. Tending to the soul, like natural health modalities, helps a person exist more whole-heartedly. Therefore, they are better able to handle the ups and downs of life with more love, compassion, and vitality.  I facilitate this soul work by connecting directly to spirit through intuitive readings, spiritual mentorships, soul retrievals and helping guide the client in the way most suitable for them as they work to build their personal relationship with spirit. 

My teachers and I always emphasize love, light, and safe journey experiences. When I provide consultations, conduct healing ceremonies, provide workshops, or teach lessons, the safety of the participants is a primary focus.‚Äč The created environment offers participants the freedom to heal, develop, and explore self without fear or judgment.  They are encouraged to acquire knowledge of how to experience and develop journeys to contact helpful spirits and then practice on their own.  Therefore, they can establish in-depth communications with their guides without interpretation from an outside source or another person.  

 Core Massage and Shamanic Practitioner Credentials

I attended massage school at The Academy of Natural Therapy in Eaton, Colorado and graduated in 2000. I happily founded Healing Tree Therapy serving the Des Moines community that same year.

I am a spiritual mentor and ceremonialist, who has been in private apprenticeship since 2003, and then completed the Shamanic and Spiritual Mentorship Training at the Sundust Oracle Institute in Seattle, Washington in 2008.

The following is a list of some of my shamanic experiences:

Healing Circle – Two Year Intensive Experience Mentorship & Leadership Circle - Two Years Intensive Experience

Teaching Assistant to Sundust Oracle Institute since 2013 to present.

Ceremonialist Teaching Assistant – Since 2015 to present.

Teaching Assistance with Children’s Circle – One Year Experience

Lomi Lomi Shamanic Healing – Since 2018 to present.